Omar Ozgur

Software Engineer



iOS Photo Challenges

An app for posting and voting on exciting photo-based challenges. Create your own challenges, or join one of the many challenges that users create around the world.

LA Hacks

UCLA's Annual Hackathon

I helped to develop robust tools that supported thousands of students at UCLA's premier annual hackathon.


Creating a Safer Society

A mobile application that allows for users to report crimes in their areas, and provides features to quickly alert friends or local authorities during emergency situations.


Wake Your Friends

An app that lets you set your alarms, but allows for your friends to control the sounds you wake up to.


Journalism Photo Showcase

A website that showcases thousands of photos taken for the Daily Bruin newspaper.


AI Photo Filters

An award-winning hackathon project that allows for users to utilize existing neural-style photo filtering technology through the convenience of personal mobile devices.

Jet Penguin 2

Who Says Penguins Can't Fly?

Tap on your phone screen with precise timing to boost the penguin through gaps in blocks of ice. Collect coins to unlock new outfits, and soar through the sky!

Missile Man

Soar to Victory

Tap to aim and fire your character through various traps and obstacles to reach the goal at the end of every level. Complete levels with few taps to get up to 3 stars across 60 unique levels.


A C++ Roguelike Game

A simple roguelike game built in C++. Complete with randomly-generated dungeons, as well as a variety of enemies and items.


VR Phobia Simulator

A virtual reality environment to experience phobias under controlled environments. Features voice-recognition to change intensity levels.